2015 Portfolio Transactions

The Trades below represent the most recent trading activity for my personal accounts. Although there is a very high concordance between my personal trades and Trading Alerts, it is not complete. Trades may be executed for positions not recommended or that may have a risk/reward profile that may be inappropriate for  many. The transactions are generally listed very shortly after being made, therefore Trading Alert subscribers may contact me for additional details if they are interested in assuming similar positions.

Beginning November 2013 my personal trades that are not included as OTP Trading Alerts are highlighted.

Actions:   “ADDED” to existing position; “ASSIGNED”; “BTC” – Buy to Close; “BUY” – Open new position; “EXPIRED” – previous STO position; “SOLD” – Closed position; “STO” – Sell to Open; “STOP” – Sell to Open Puts; “SUBTRACTED” – Subtracted from existing position;  * reflects a Double Dip Dividend Strategy


TIMESTAMP? I don’t need no stinking timestamp


Note: Your browser may require a “Refresh” to see updates of Trades


My personal portfolios may differ from OTP portfolios. In cases where a personal trade is made in a position already owned in the OTP portfolio either as a hedge (such as selling puts) or the addition of lower priced shares (and covered calls are sold), Trading Alert subscribers will receive a text message or email that such a trade has been made for my personal accounts. Such messages will also be sent if the personal trade is that of a stock that has been recently mentioned in a Weekend Update article. Interested Trading Alert subscribers may contact me for details or check the “My Trades” page which is updated shortly after trades.

Personal trades in positions that are neither in the existing OTP Portfolio nor mentioned in recent Weekend Updates will not be reflected in “My Trades,” as they generally represent trades that are of a risk nature in excess of that which I’d like to disseminate.

 Additionally, shares in the OTP portfolio assume all or none behavior. Upon assignment of a recommended lot the model assumes that all shares were assigned. However, in my personal portfolios there may be occasions when all shares of a particular holding are not covered and subsequently there may be residual shares remaining upon which future hedging trades may be made.