To see individual stock performance, listed by Sector, please use the drop down menu above.

When doing so, you will see a table of past trades for each specific stock, such as this:

When evaluating past and present performance keep in mind that:

Table represents prices at time of Alerts. Individual performance may vary.

ROI is based upon the strike price at which the most recent option has been sold and may not, in fact, be the ultimate selling price.


Summary of Week’s Alerts Performance 

The Weekly Performance spreadsheet is comprised of three components and is updated every evening after the close of trading. The final Weekly Performance report each week is archived.

The first component focuses solely on all new positions initated during the week. Specifically, that includes the purchase of new or additional shares, the sale of calls on those shares or the sale of puts.

The second component follows performance of positions that were previously established. It does not, however, include previously closed positions. As a result, it will understate performance, as profitable positions that were closed are culled out and what remains are those positions that are either below their strike prices or limited in their value because of contract obligations.

Closed positions are presented in the “Closed Position Performance” tab of the spreadsheet.

A color coding system is used to track positions, particularly their status with regard to being covered, uncovered, in the money, etc..

See Updated Performance

The performance data is compared to the performance of the S&P 500 for the identical holding period of each stock and reflects the prices at the time of their Trading Alerts. Individual results will vary based upon your own entry points and which recommendations you followed, but you can customize the spreadsheet for your own portfolios to assess their performance

The exisiting positions include all accumulated premiums, including the premium if shares were accumulated due to the assignment of put contracts and dividends. In the case of “Double Dip Dividends” the decision to include dividends is made upon the preponderance of responses that I receive when tallying subscribers in cases where the underlying shares were in the money at the time of the ex-dividend date. As such, some subscribers may have a lower or higher ROI, depending on whether their lots (or portions) were assigned.

I strongly recommend that subscribers follow each lot purchased and compute the ROI compared to the index of their choice for the holding period.

My goal is to have each lot of shares outperform the index during its holding period. Although that may or may not occur for a specific holding, that should be the overall outcome as reflected in closed positions.

Please refer to spreadsheet or PDF file for detailed information and definitions

Details and a summary of the Weekly Performance are discussed in “Week in Review” in addition to the “Daily Market Update.”

(Click on the image to the left to access the full spreadsheet version of the daily updated Weekly Performance Report, which includes premium and dividend details, in addition to ROI calulations.).)

The Table to the left represents a daily snapshot of new holdings on the top and exisiting positions on bottom. It is also updated each evening, shortly after the market closing bell. Although weekly performance is archived, the daily fluctuations are not.








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