Portfolio Analysis

  • New Subscribers: Completing this form enables me to assess whether your existing holdings may be used in the income generating strategy and customize recommendations (complete this at the time of initial subscription)
  • Existing Subscribers: Completing this enables me to assess change to your portfolio, particularly as result of buy recommendations or assignment of put contracts sold (complete this at the close of weekly trading)

On occasion Option to Profit will post Excel compatible spreadsheets that may be used to track various parameters of  financial performance.

The spreadsheets that will be offered are relatively simplistic and can easily be suited for each individual’s level of programming and financial analysis expertise. Beyond on screen instructions and prompts no support is offered for the spreadsheets tools.

You can view the spreadsheets by simply clicking on the link. To download and save on your computer, right mouse click on the link and Choose the “Save as…” option


Existing Spreadsheets will be updated for users of Google Docs and will allow automatic updating of stock prices. These files should first be downloaded to your PC and then uploaded to your “My Drive” in Google Docs.

  • OTP Sector and Risk Diversification