For those existing subscribers who did not opt in for email notification of new content at the time of registration or who would like to change their designations, you can receive notification to your e-mail address of any updates to web site pages.

Notification is sent upon publishing of any blog updates or web site messages. The notifications are in addition to your current preference for receiving e-mail Trading Alerts, if eligible.

You can specify what kind of content you would like to receive as well as the format (either text or HTML).

To receive Notifications, simply go to the Edit My Profile” page.

Scrolling downward you will see a “Get notifications via email” section where you can indicate your preferences or change them at any time.


If you do opt-in, you can choose to opt-out at any time or change any of the parameters.


Depending on how many and what kind of notifications you want to receive, your Profile may look like this: