The Web Access Only subscription allows complete use and access to the Option to Profit web site.

Trade Alerts which are sent either via text message or e-mail to Trading Alert subscribers are posted on the web site within 10 minutes of having been sent. In addition to the information found on the web site the “OTP Trade Alerts” also include “Net Debit” or “Net Credit” information, where appropriate, as well as ex-dividend dates or earnings report dates, when applicable. This information is not included in the Web Access Only version of OTP.

Web Access Only subscribers must access the web site on a regular basis in order to be aware of trading activity, as they do not receive real time notification.

However, during the final two weeks of the introductory month subscription* Trading Alerts will be sent to Web Access Only subscriber e-mail accounts.

Otherwise, Web Access Only subscribers receive “OTP Messages” which are announcements, such as the posting of Weekend Updates or “The Week in Review,” as well as any messages regarding specific stocks or market conditions that represent unusual or special considerations.

In addition “OTP Trade Alerts” are sent to Web Access Only subscribers in the event that a Trade Alert is sent in the final 30 minutes of trading or if additional information or specific reasoning behind a trade is included in the trade alert that isn’t able to be readily conveyed in the web site.




* New subscribers only