MONDAY:  After 5 straight days of triple digit moves for no real reason at all, this morning may bring a reason as political unrest in Honkg Kong comes unexpectedly

TUESDAY:     Very big intra-day moves yesterday added to volatility, despite not having a 6th consecutive triple digit day. Today may be a little more calm although events in China are still to unfold

WEDNESDAY:  More negativity to begin the day’s trading and the remained of the week will potentially react to ISM, ECB and ESR, all while digesting news of EBOLA in the USA.

THURSDAY:    After yesterday’s sharp drop it would have been nice to seen a bounce, even if insincere. With this morning’s flat opening being indicated by the futures it looks like a reflexive bounce is not at hand and it will take today’s  ECB report or tomorrow’s Employment Situation Report to make the next move.

FRIDAY:  The EMployment Situation Report ends the week as futures point higher in anticipation and hopefully end an abysmal week on an upwsing




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